Here is the detail of our concrete swimming pool construction steps :

    • Marking out of the swimming pool area and drilling piling foundations

    • Excavation for swimming pool

    • Site overlay to provide concrete screed swimming pool base

    • Block-work external molding walls of the swimming pool

    • Double reinforcement steel bar cages set 20cm apart

    • uPVC Pipe work installation and swimming pool equipment installation including swimming pool lights

    • Metal shuttering or Plywood molding walls for concrete pour

    • Pouring concrete floor and walls including high strength water-proof additive and dry concrete rubber joints

    • Water repellent surface filler sand and cement mix

    • Tiling mainly Mui Fah Ceramics and high quality underwater mold resistant grout

    • Sand wash finish, decking or tiling surrounding the swimming pool

    • Commissioning -  (filling of the pool, turning on of the system, chemical treatment and balance of the Ph and chlorine levels, cleaning of the swimming pool)

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    The Purpose of the circulation system (filter system) is to:
    • Pass all the water through the swimming pool filter and/or salt system
    • Provide good cleaning by ensuring the salt system and other chemicals are evenly distributed throughout the swimming pool
    • Eliminate dead spots in the swimming pool where bacteria, debris and other matter may collect.
    There are several factors that affect circulation:
    • Hydraulic efficiency of the swimming pool pump, the pipe work and the equipment.
    • How often and what length of time the swimming pool pump runs for.
    • Position of returns to pool inlets
    • The shape of the swimming pool.
    • Prevailing wind conditions and other relevant environmental factors.

    The Problem with a number of pool designs is that circulation is over looked in favor of looks.  In some swimming pools, there are dead spots.  Dead Spots are areas where water is not flowing or trapped due to poor swimming pool design and or ladders and step placement or improperly positioned pool returns.  Water that is trapped is neither being filtered or properly replenished with chemicals and may bring on rapid algae growth which is seen by green areas on the tiles and grout lines

    Common dead spots in swimming pools include:

    • corners of swimming pool
    • water features and spa's 
    • external steps 
    • behind ladders and light fittings 
    • the deep end or bottom of some swimming pools.
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    20 year construction warranty
    Fully trained staff
    High quality materials
    Daily construction updates
    NO sub-contractors
    Equipment training
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    Automatic systems
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    Hayward Super Pump
    From 17,500 THB
    Hayward Aqua-rite salt system
    Hayward Salt System
    From 47,500 THB
     Emaux SC Series Pump
    From 10,000 THB
     Hayward Super II Pump
    Hayward Super II Pump
    From  21,700 THB
    LED Pool Lights
    From 5,000 THB
    Emaux Salt Unit
    Emaux Salt Unit
    From 29,000 THB
    Emaux Sand Filter
    Emaux Sand Filter
    From 6,500 THB


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